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Seven Successful Supplies

SKOPE had another great donation day last weekend. After the success of the library we built in January 2017, a second literacy-based project stemmed from one of our donors. We had generously been given a number of English language books from a fellow NGO, the Association of School Aid in Cambodia (ASAC) for Karuna Youth Cambodia in Kampong Speu. So when our coordinator met with a school in Kampot and was invited to support the local libraries there, we knew exactly who to ask for help.

Even more books were donated to SKOPE by ASAC in April and we received between eight and 16 copies of each title. This enabled us to donate between one and two copies of over 40 books to seven nominated libraries in Kampot as well as retaining a complete set for Sovann Komar’s onsite library. Here’s a picture of the ASAC coordinator with the books before they were bussed to Sovann Komar and the most innovative way we could think to move them around once they were boxed and allocated to their respective libraries.

SKOPE has been working with Chumkriel Language School (CLS) since 2016 and this was our second project with this great NGO. CLS provides free education to children working on the salt fields of Cambodia. They have a learning centre and an additional school in the middle of the salt fields. This time, as well as donating to both schools at CLS, we were also supporting some local government schools connected to CLS. There were three other schools, two catering to both primary and high school students, who received these books.

As always, some children from Sovann Komar came with us for the day. We arrived at the school soon after 9am and the children were given a brief tour of the learning centre. We then began to hand out the books to the local libraries. When we were donating to primary schools, our children were given the opportunity to read with the younger students. Many of our children are interested in pursuing a career in teaching and this is great practice for them. The local students love it too.

Books are a fantastic tool for students and teachers alike and we enjoyed our day supplying these seven great libraries with high quality English books. The students were all fantastic and engaged really well with the program. We are already looking forward to our next project with CLS and hope to continue to support their school and those in the surrounding Kampot area.

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Sovann Komar Children's Village, Highway #1, Phnom Penh, Cambodia