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Big Book Bonanza!

SKOPE returned to Kampong Thom in October to conduct our second project at one of the schools we donated to in March. This time we were focusing on books - library books, to be precise.

As an avid book lover myself, I was saddened to see the state of the school library when I visited in November 2015 and vowed to do something about it. Well, it took us eleven months but SKOPE finally returned, armed with books and eager Sovann Komar children, to donate quality Khmer literature to the school. We bought the books from a great organisation here called Sipar who do their own fantastic outreach work.

As well as handing out the books, I arranged for the Sovann Komar children to read with the local students, helping them out with words, pronunciation and so on. Which is hard work if you've ever seen the Khmer alphabet - it has more vowels than any other language.

We also donated two laptops to the school headteacher and the other school we visited in March. These are to help with administrative work and were kindly donated to SKOPE by The Orion Primary School in London. Some of the boys from Sovann Komar showed the teachers how to work their new gadgets!

Everyone loved the day - of course they did; books are awesome. Books are also important, however, and I believe that improving literacy rates is vital to breaking poverty cycles throughout the Cambodian countryside. Which is why SKOPE's next project is also going to be book-based. This time, however, we're building an entire library!

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Sovann Komar Children's Village, Highway #1, Phnom Penh, Cambodia