Hydroponics in Kampot

The school we support in Kampot, Chumkriel Language School, runs on onsite soup kitchen to provide healthy meals to the poorest students at their salt field school. Vegetables are difficult to grow, however, because of the salty soil. SKOPE is going to build a hydroponic system in the school. This will not only produce vegetables but hopefully provide a source of income once established. The vegetables will be organic and healthy and the hydroponic system will be run using solar panels. The aim of the project is to be sustainable and environmentally friendly as well as providing food for the children. We will be consulting with a specialist and training the cooks on how to use and maintain the hydroponic systems. The children will also begin to learn more about growing food and sustainable living.

The project is currently seeking funding so please click on the button below to contact our team.


Donating to Kampong Thom

SKOPE's first project was to donate school supplies to 900 primary students in Kampong Thom Province. Children from Sovann Komar Children's Village joined and helped to hand out books, pens, pencils, and sports equipment in March 2016.


Keeping Children Safe

Traveling by motorbike is very common in Cambodia. And very dangerous. SKOPE supplied 119 US-safety standard helmets to the children at Sovann Komar Children's Village and Sovann Komar School in March 2016. Outreach International, a UK-based volunteer agency kindly supported this project.


Donation day in Kampot

In May 2016 SKOPE visited a fellow NGO, Chumkriel Language School where the children from Sovann Komar handed out classroom supplies such as posters and flashcards. CLS provides free education to children living on the salt fields in Kampot.


SKOPE and Millbrook School join forces

SKOPE played host to some students and children from Millbrook School in New York in July 2016. Our eager volunteers repainted Sovann Komar's playground and then helped to build one in Prey Veng Province. We also handed out water filters, drilled a well with the support of Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia, distributed stationary and planted trees.


Stocking a Library in Kampong Thom

Literacy is one of the world's most powerful tool when it comes to breaking the poverty cycle. Therefore SKOPE was keen to help a small school in Kampong Thom province where the school library shelves were depressingly bare. In October 2016 SKOPE and Sovann Komar children returned to donate Khmer language books and read with the children for a time. We also donated two laptops for the teachers and administration to use, kindly donated to SKOPE by The Orion Primary School, London.

The finished library in Kampong Speu, Cambodia

The Big Build

Building a library in Kampong Speu

SKOPE's biggest project to date was when we built a library in Kampong Speu in January 2017. Situated in the grounds of our partner school, Karuna Youth Cambodia,  the library was not only built by SKOPE for just $800 but we also stocked it with Khmer and English language books. Most of these books were donated from England and shipped for free by DHL! The library is powered by an additional solar panel which was another donation and provides more power of the school and library. We also donated two laptops from The Orion Primary School to Karuna's onsite computer suite, bringing their total number of computers to six.

The finished library in Kampong Speu, Cambodia

Flood Defences

Reinforcing a School's Flood Defence Scheme

In April SKOPE returned to our partner school in Kampong Thom and helped to build a flood defence system. Every monsoon season the school was badly flooded and the children had to walk through knee high water to reach their classrooms, which were also flooded. Now, thanks to SKOPE, the entire school playground is raised up and banked so that the water from the stream cannot reach the school. We were supported in this project by SSEAYP. This is a youth group in Cambodia and their volunteers came along for the day. They also brought school and day-to-day supplies which were distributed amongst the teachers and students. Additionally, they ran several hygiene lessons which helped the children learn how to wash their hands. Yet another successful SKOPE project completed. 

The finished library in Kampong Speu, Cambodia

Seven Libraries

Supplying Books for Seven Libraries in Kampot

Thanks to a very generous donation of over 450 books from the Association of School Aid in Cambodia, SKOPE was able to supply seven libraries in Kampot with 60 books each. Through a school we have supported since January 2016, Chumkriel Language School, we donated to five other local libraries. CLS itself has two libraries, one at each site where they provide free education to its students. We also travelled to three other schools where we donated books to libraries for both primary and secondary students. The children who came from Sovann Komar read with many of the younger students and helped them with their reading abilities.

Sovann Komar Children's Village, Highway #1, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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